Affordable Cremation in Albuquerque

Cost of an affordable cremation

An affordable cremation is a great option for many families. Funeral costs can be a concern for many today and some families simply cannot afford the cost of a full funeral.

Cost of Traditional Funeral

The average cost of a funeral is $7,045 (National Association of Funeral Directors 2012) not including cemetery costs. Overall a traditional funeral is likely to cost you somewhere $6,000 to $10,000 when everything is included.

Why is it so expensive?

A funeral home business is 24-hour, labor-intensive process. It requires investments like viewing rooms, chapels, limousines, and hearses. You will also need to embalm, purchase a cemetery plot, casket, gravestone or burial vault. All these expenses have to be included into the cost of a traditional funeral.

Cost of an affordable cremation

Cremations are cheaper because there is no need to embalm or to purchase a cemetery plot, casket, burial vault, or gravestone. 

Arranging a direct and most affordable cremation in Albuquerque

A direct cremation is the most affordable cremation option. It is also referred to as a simple cremation, basic cremation, or immediate cremation.

Only a basic cremation service is conducted. All the necessary documentation completed, the deceased is collected and prepared for cremation. The cremation process is completed and the cremated remains are returned to the family usually in a temporary urn.

The cremation prices do differ quite considerably between different funeral homes in Albuquerque. Look through our affordable cremation prices on our cremation cost page.

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