Cremation Costs and Services Comparison Albuquerque

Looking at the cremation costs to see if the CSNM Simplicity Cremation Plan is the right choice for you? The table below compares CSNM Simplicity Cremation Plan services (offered online or at our CSNM locations) with Funeral Director Assisted Arrangements at a full-service funeral home.

No need to buy casket or headstone

If you are planning a funeral with limited financial resources, the cost of cremation urns and memorials will be lower than a traditional funeral with a casket and headstone. Cremation costs are lower because there is no need to embalm or to purchase a casket, cemetery plot, gravestone or burial vault.

However, the urn can also be buried, ashes can be scattered or you can place the urn in our columbarium.

Arrange Cremations Online

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Cremation Services CSNM Simplicity Plan Traditional Full Service
Phone consultation: 505-323-9000 Yes Yes
In-person, face-to-face consultation Yes Yes
Online payments Yes No
Insurance payment No Yes
Financial assistance No Yes
Peace of Mind ID System Yes Yes
Viewing prior to cremation (add'l fee) Yes Yes
Priority scheduling No Yes
Expedited death certificates No Yes
Obituary assistance – newspapers, web page, radio No Yes
Veterans assistance – VA Cemetary, military honors No Yes
Memorial service assistance No Yes
Urn selection for cremated remains 13 50
Physical location open Saturday and Sunday No Yes
Cost Range $1,290*-2,277 $1,800-9,000

*Does not include transport service (if any), upgraded casket, shipping container or urn, shipping fees, third-party fees, or taxes. Upper range figures could be more, depending on selection of keepsake urns and need for transport service.